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Activated carbon filter


  • Introduction to carbon filter

    The activated carbon filter is based on quality fruit shell charcoal and activated carbon from coal as raw material, supplemented by food grade adhesive, the use of high technology, through a special processing technology, it set adsorption, filtration, intercepted, catalytic role in one, effective removal of organic matter in the water, chlorine and other radioactive substances, and bleaching, to remove odors. Liquid, air purification industry ideal new generation product.
    Type: bald sintered activated carbon filter, Black with skeleton sintered activated carbon filter, granular activated carbon filter.


    The activated charcoal filter using activated carbon particles to the binder heated sintered. Filter the innermost layer of the polypropylene skeleton and to enhance the compressive strength of the filter. The skeleton package there are two layers of polypropylene microfiber felt able to intercept the liquid carbon core with greater than 10-micron particles. Outer envelope of the carbon core, two layers of polypropylene microfiber blankets, can intercept greater than 10-20 microns of the particles in the liquid, so that the filter has to filter and purify the dual function. The outermost layer of white plastic mesh, so that the filter has a complete exterior and neat appearance. Filter ends with soft NBR rubber end cap, so that the filter to load the cartridge has a good seal. Tight encapsulation of the finished activated carbon filter with a plastic film to prevent the filter pollution and to maintain the filter often in the fresh state.

    The carbon filter has a good adsorption, can effectively remove the residual chlorine, odor, color and organic matter.


    The activated carbon filter for a real deep structure, the dual function of filtering and purification, filter accuracy of 10 micron nominal filter accuracy. When used without the addition of filter aid, without carbon treatment filter. Each activated carbon filter containing 160 g of plant sulfur-free activated carbon particles. For the plating liquid purification filter will not precipitate fibers or other substances leaving the coating pinholes or fragility.

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