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Specifications and use of activated carbon filter


  • Model Specification
    CTO-W (bald sintered activated carbon filter) - 10 (length 10 ")
    CTO of-B (Black with skeleton sintered activated carbon filter) - 10 (length 10 ")
    UDF (granular activated carbon filter) - 10 (length 10 ")
    Specifications: (special specifications can be customized)
    Length                       10"                                              20"                                                      30 "                                    40"
    Diameter                   (± 1mm) (OD) 65 ~ 70 mm    (internal diameter) 28 ~ 30 mm
    Accuracy (μm)          5 ~ 10
    The activated carbon filter for purification of process water and the solution of the semiconductor, electronic components, printed circuit boards, electroplating industry, food and beverage industry sector.
    Applies to the following industries:
    A. Electronics, electric power industry: water, gas, electric transition fluid, printing line version and so on.
    Two. Chemical, petrochemical: solvents, paints, magnetic slurry, detergent, liquid wax and so on.
    Three. Medical and pharmaceutical industry: Hospital water, pharmaceutical injections, in the service liquid.
    Four. Food industry: food, beverages, drinking water, alcohol, and so on.

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