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Folded filter


  • Microporous folded filter Description:
    Folded filter of the PP microporous ene fiber membrane and non-woven or (Screen) internal and external support layer made by folding the filter housing, the center rod and cover with hot melt Mai Borui folded filter (1) welding technical molding process, without any glue, no leakage, no secondary pollution.
    Filter product characteristics:
    · Outstanding chemical compatibility for filtering acids, alkalis and organic solvents
    · Membrane folding deep bed filtration, membrane filtration area
    · Low dropout voltage, dirt holding capacity and long service life
    · Wide filtering precision can choose
    Filter application areas:
    The pre-filter for the pharmaceutical industry: a variety of antibiotics, such as liquid
    Food and beverage industry: wine, mineral water, drinking water filtration
    · Oil industry: oil field water filter
    · Electronics industry: high pure water pre-filter
    · Chemical industry: a variety of organic solvents, acids, lye, filter
    Filter product technical performance:
    Filtration precision: 0.1um 0.2um 0.45um 1um 3um 5um 10um 20um 30um 50um
    Filter length: 5 "10" 20 "30" 40 "
    Filter diameter: 69mm 83mm 131mm
    Filter inner diameter: 28mm ~ 40mm
    · Trial PH :1-12
    Maximum working temperature: ≤ 80 ℃ 0.1Mpa
    · Maximum working pressure: 0.3Mpa 50 ° C
    Maximum Reverse Differential Pressure: 0.2Mpa 25 ° C
    The highest sterilization temperature: 120 ℃ for half an hour

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