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About the security filter


  • Security filter Profile
    Precision filter, also known as a security filter, generally set before the pressure vessel to remove the small particles in the turbidity of more than 1 degree, to meet the water requirements of downstream processes; sometimes set at the end of the entire water treatment system to prevent small particles (such as broken resin) into the finished water.
    Precision filtration devices (also known as the security filter) mostly using the stainless steel shell, installed inside the filter element (for example PP cotton), mainly used in the multi-media after the pre-processing filters, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, membrane filtration equipment before. Used to filter small multi-media filter material (such as the tiny quartz sand, activated carbon particles, etc.) to ensure the accuracy of water filtration and the protective film filter element from the damage of large particulate matter. Precision filtration devices built-in filter element accuracy class can be divided into 0.5us, 1us, 5us, 10us, according to different occasions choose different filtering accuracy, in order to ensure the accuracy and the assurance of the effluent after the class of membrane components.
    Precision filter has the following characteristics:
    Can effectively remove the suspended solids in the liquid, rust, etc..
    Can withstand a higher filtration pressure.
    Deep mesh structure so that the filter has a higher capacity slag load capacity.
    Filter can be used a variety of materials production, and to adapt to the needs of a variety of fluid filtration.
    The shape of small volume, large filtration area, a small resistance, long service life.
    Function and purpose of
    In order to prevent pretreatment failed to be completely removed or a new produce suspended particles into the reverse osmosis system to protect the high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membranes, usually set before the reverse osmosis water filter security filter. Generally use the aperture is less than 10um can be designed according to the actual design is 5um or lower.
    Integral part of
    Precision filtration devices mainly by the composition of the filter housing, filter element, most of the filter housing by R304 stainless steel, such as acid and other special occasions can be using the R316 stainless steel housing. Can be divided into the flange type clamp, flange enclosure is mainly used to filter traffic occasions. The middle of the filter filter housing mounted filter element PP filters cotton based on some occasions can also be used to wound filter or activated carbon filter. Installation of the filter number from one to dozens of support, mainly to determine the size of the processing capacity.
    Common filter types
    The filter material sintered filter tube, meltblown fiber filter and the honeycomb filter.
    Sintered tube is formed by sintering the powder material, ceramics, glass, sand, plastics, and other planted filter tube material. Meltblown fiber filter commonly used polypropylene as raw material, after melt injection, traction, receiving molding made of PP filter, polypropylene raw materials more commonly used. The honeycomb filter precision winding of textile and fiber roving in the porous skeleton, polypropylene the wirewound honeycomb filter is more commonly used.
    The security filter out of the water need to set the pressure gauge, differential pressure limit is reached when running out of water filter should be replaced. Filter cleaning recovery efficiency is low, so the best use of disposable filter.
    Installation method
    1.unpacked and put away Classification
    2. the filter cartridge installed
    3.The filter into the filter tank
    4. Secure the lid, having a good exhaust valve.

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