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Technical parameters and use of security filters


  • Technical parameters
    Design pressure :0.75-1 .6 Mpa
    Design temperature: 20 ℃ ~ 120 ℃
    Seal type: O-ring and flat washer
    Sealing material: nitrile rubber, silicone, Viton standard, the standard configuration for the Silicone seal
    Interface Type: teeth mouth, clamp, GB, HG, to DIN, ANSI, JIS standard flanges
    The application of the filter: flat and 222 and 226 socket filter
    Finish: matte jet beads, mirror polishing, electrolytic polishing
    Filtering accuracy: 1μm - 100μm-
    Material: SUS 304 316L
    Range of applications
    1. nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), electrodialysis (EDI) system security filtering and terminal filter;
    2. Medicine injection, infusion, eye drops, herbal medicine liquid filtration, biological agents, extraction, purification, concentration;
    3. electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industry, with high water pre-filtration and final filtration;
    4. oil field injection water, boiler feed water, chemical reagents, liquid organic products, high purity chemicals, strong drugs filtering;
    5. purified drinking water, mineral water, fruit juice, tea drinks, health drinks filter;
    6. liquor, wine, beer, rice wine and other wine filtration, draft beer sterilization filter (alternative to pasteurization);
    7. production, domestic wastewater treatment and water cycle in the process of pre-processing filters or security filtering;
    8. other areas such as biological engineering, oil refining, printing and dyeing, textile industry, water supply and wastewater treatment, research laboratory filtering.

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