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Model features of PP melt blown filter cartridge filter


  •   Jinbin Hairui a filter material technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a production of melt blown, activated carbon, folding, Wirewound filter based filter with the assistance of the security filter, a filter bottle, filter bag, filter, water purifier and corresponding production equipment of new technology enterprises, production department staff have many years of production experience, according to customer demand for the production of various specifications of filter. The main products are PP melt blown filter equipment(PP熔喷滤芯).
      Characteristics of PP melt blown filter element:
      (1) the filter element has a dense, uniform pore size and high filtration efficiency. Due to the particles in the filter pore bridge phenomenon, so that particles smaller than the pore can be stopped, the filtration efficiency is over 98%.
      (2) its own cleanliness is high, no pollution to water quality;
      (3) the price is cheap, is used for the first stage filter.
      Common specifications of PP melt blown filter element:
      Filter precision: 1 m, 5 m, 10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 50, m, 100 mu m.
      Filter length: 10, 20, 30, 40 inches.
      The filter is connected: such as a flat type; insert type: 215, 222, 226, three.
      Description of PP melt blown filter element parameters:
      Length: 5 inches, 10 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches
      Outside diameter: 60-115mm
      Inside diameter: 28 or 30mm
      Accuracy: 0.1-100um
      Maximum pressure: 0.4MPa
      Maximum differential pressure: 0.1MPA
      Maximum temperature: 60
      The above content is today for you to introduce the PP melt blown filter filter model of the characteristics of the relevant knowledge, hope that these content can make you more familiar with it and understand.

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