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Application field of melt blown filter element


  • Now the problem of environmental pollution is serious, water as the source of life, we should try to keep it clean before drinking. As an important part of water treatment equipment, melt blown filter element (熔喷滤芯设备)can be said to be good or bad, which directly determines the quality of the filtered water.
    Application field of melt blown filter element
    Widely used in pure water for the manufacture of pre processing, circulating cooling water, drinking water, laboratory water, boiler water, oil field water flooding and chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing, painting, Minilab, fuel oil, beer, soft drinks, such as industry of filtering.
    Common classification of melt blown filter element
    PP cotton filter: Ppmian filter, also known as meltblown style PP filter, using non-toxic odorless polypropylene particles, after heating and melting, spinning, drawing, accept forming and made of tubular filter. If the raw material with polypropylene based. You can called PP melt blown filter. Not only in the use of large quantities of water purification. It has excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for acid, alkali and organic solvent filtration. Pollutant carrying capacity, long service life, low cost.
    Wirewound filter: Wirewound filter is a depth filter cartridge, for low viscosity, low impurity content filtering, is line with textile fiber (polypropylene fiber yarn, absorbent cotton, etc.), according to the specific process precision winding made on top of the porous skeleton (polypropylene or stainless steel), with sparse and dense in the interior of the honeycomb structure, can effectively remove suspended matter, particle, rust and other sundries in the fluid, has very excellent filtering characteristics.
    Folded filter: folding filter element is a kind of superfine polypropylene fiber filter for filter media fixed aperture deep filter. All polypropylene structure, without any adhesive, no media off, no leakage.
    Different types of melt blown filter device has a different role and scope of application, please have the needs of friends in accordance with their own needs to choose suitable for their melt blown filter.

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