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Ruichuang PP melting spraying filter cartridge


  •   PP meltblown filter(PP熔喷滤芯)material by the polypropylene superfine fiber thermal entanglement made these fibers randomly in space to form three-dimensional porous structure, and the formation of the micropore along the flow direction of the filtrate was gradient distribution, surface, deep, coarse and fine filter in one, can intercept different particle size of impurities. Filter precision range 1 ~ 100 m, the flux is equal to 1.5 times the accuracy of the peak of the housing filter, but also can be configured with different types of end cap connectors, to meet the needs of different types of project installation.
      PP melt blown filter (PP熔喷滤芯)element has dense, uniform pore size and high filtration efficiency. Due to particles in PP meltblown filter channel bridge phenomenon, so that particles smaller than the pore can be stopped, filtration efficiency above 98%, PP meltblown filter clean high, on water quality no pollution, acid, alkali and other chemical reagents and organic solvent corrosion.
      Tianjin Binhai sharp innovation and filtration materials technology Co., Ltd. is a production of melt blown, activated carbon, folding, line around the core of the new technology companies. Believe that the quality of PP melt blown filter will not let you down.

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熔喷滤芯设备 PP熔喷滤芯 熔喷滤芯

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