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What is CTO filter element


  • CTO filter(CTO滤芯) element is called compressed activated carbon filter. It can further remove residual chlorine, odor, and solid impurities.
    CTO filter(CTO滤芯)has strong filtering capacity and long service life, and it is often used as a three stage filter for a variety of household water purification equipment. And, with a rear antibacterial activated carbon filters, on the activated carbon carrying trace silver ion, often do used for the final stage filter, can further remove the previous step unfiltered removed and new the introduction of impurities, and regeneration effectively kill and inhibit bacteria in the water to prevent the secondary pollution of the water filtration, the safety of drinking water.
    So, are you ready to use the CTO filter(CTO滤芯)? A compressed activated carbon filter is not very expensive, water is the source of life, in order to health, we should also have a CTO filter is not?

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