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UDF what is the meaning of the filter element


  • UDF filter(UDF滤芯) is a kind of activated carbon filter, also called granular activated carbon filter, it is the high adsorption active carbon filter can be done effectively remove the effect of water Harmonia odor, residual chlorine, organic matter and other harmful substances. Our activated carbon filter manufacturers recommend replacement cycle for 6 to 12 months.
    In the water pretreatment system, the UTF filter (udf滤芯)to adsorption level filtering to remove the residual chlorine to prevent reverse osmosis membrane by the oxidative degradation, also can absorb over the previous level leakage of small organic molecules and other polluting substances, of odor, water and pigment gel, heavy metal ions, such as cod material has obvious removal effect.
    UDF filter(UDF滤芯)can further reduce the SDI value of RO. Activated carbon particles have a very large number of micro pores and large specific surface area, with a strong physical adsorption capacity. Water through the carbon bed, organic pollutants in water by activated carbon adsorption. In addition, the non crystalline part of the activated carbon has a number of oxygen containing tubes, so that the organic pollutant in the water through the carbon bed is effectively absorbed by the active carbon.
    UDF filter(UDF滤芯)is a commonly used water treatment equipment, as water treatment desalting system before treatment can effectively ensure the equipment service life, improve water quality, prevent pollution, especially after the class to prevent the reverse osmosis membranes, ion exchange resin of the free state of chlorine poisoning pollution.

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