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The role of T33 filter


  • What is the role of T33 filter(T33滤芯)? It is believed that a friend who is concerned about the health of drinking water must be interested in this issue. Well, let's see what's next!
    1, T33 filter(T33滤芯) in purifying drinking water with excellent performance, not only can remove odor, odor, significantly reduced the role of the water turbidity, chroma, iron, phenol, F, as, Hg, Al, CHCl3, CCl4, chlorine and other.
    2, the main role of the rear T33 filter(T33滤芯) to reverse osmosis water for depth treatment, with the removal of volatile organic compounds, odor, and improve the taste of water. Especially for the use of the pressure water storage bucket of pure water machine, the rear activated carbon has the effect of removing the smell of the water storage bucket.
    3, chlorine has a strong oxidation, the destruction of the reverse osmosis membrane is very strong. The residual chlorine is the municipal water supply pipe network (tap water) must contain substances, remove the residual chlorine is very important. The effect of pre activated carbon on the removal of chlorine.
    The above three is about the role of T33 filter(T33滤芯), and believe that these knowledge enough for you to have a more detailed understanding of it.

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