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Analysis of working principle of T33 filter element


  • Activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity is that we all know, so in water through activated carbon and its full contact, the raw water pollutants can be activated carbon adsorption, so that the raw water purification.T33 filter (T33滤芯) can ensure that the raw water and activated carbon in full contact, and to ensure that the speed of the flow is not too high. Otherwise, the purification effect is not good. Its specific working principle is as follows:
    1, the raw water through B type fixing seat of a water inlet into the fixing seat, from T33 filter (T33滤芯)water inlet (filter shell in the top center) into the cartridge.
    Water channel 2, water inflow center and passes through the filter, activated carbon fiber +PP composite materials. In through the filter, activated carbon fibers adsorbed particles of impurities in raw water, organic matter, heavy metals and residual chlorine pollutants, so that the raw water to be purified;
    3, the net water within the T33 filter  (T33滤芯)outer wall and the filter housing space assembly, followed by filter shell side surface of the top end of the outlet flow of the filter holder outlet from the outlet of the fixed seat outflow.
    4, quick change type active carbon filter and B type fixed seat with the use of, so the way of the water flow into the way. The flow mode is controlled by the fixed seat, which must be considered in the design process of the filter element. In particular, T33 filter (T33滤芯)and A type can also be equipped with fixed seat.

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