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Activated carbon filter manufacturers to teach you how to identify the regeneration of activated carbon


  • As everyone knows, the scope of application of activated carbon products is very extensive, if activated carbon pesticide and medicine and other chemicals used by recycling, again used in household water purifier filter, is a very dangerous and irresponsible things, this behavior will bring great harm. Activated carbon filter manufacturers(活性炭滤芯厂家) to teach you to identify the regeneration of activated carbon method, we must resolutely put an end to such incidents.
    First of all, we no matter the level of indicators. From the appearance point of view, because the waste carbon material, activated carbon filter specifications recycling factory is not exactly the same as may be mixed with coconut shell charcoal, apricot shell charcoal, walnut shell carbon, peach shell charcoal, coal carbon and other substances, simple product particles after regeneration degree of the non-uniform wall thickness, particles will have obvious difference among them, apricot shell, walnut shell carbon carbon thin wall carbon, peach shell wall thickness is thick but careful observation of local surface will have unique peach shell surface pits, 20~40 small carbon particles have a certain degree of difficulty to distinguish.
    Overall, the difference of the particle is larger. If the color particles from the surface, the surface temperature after product regeneration of grey color, grain section is not bright, fried crack scrutiny will be fine. If the regeneration of carbon from the appearance shape of the edges is not clear slightly smooth transition, mainly in the process of using inter particle friction, industrial water treatment filter tank is often red, and recoil particles in filtration processes between the wear will lose sharp edges, this is especially obvious. Some recovery of carbon is not activated by high temperature, only for simple pickling, alkali washing, washing, treatment of recycled carbon in a small amount of particles on the surface is dark yellow, and some will have a small amount of quartz sand particles.

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