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UDF granular activated carbon filter


  • Household water purifier is the people daily drinking water and good partners, people are aware of the water purifier using various traditional Chinese medicine core of the filter to filter the raw water to obtain pure water. Among them, UDF granular activated carbon filter(UDF滤芯)play an important role. Activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect to various substances, some adsorbed gas, liquid, such as the composition of residual chlorine in tap water.
    UDF granular activated carbon filter(UDF滤芯), with high quality coconut shell activated carbon or medium activated carbon as the material, food grade ABS plastic shell, ultrasonic welding technology. For the adsorption of organic matter, chemical pesticides, such as chlorine, Harmonia odor in water treatment, use for a period of 3-6 months.
    Home water machine UDF granular activated carbon filter(UDF滤芯), is the need of activated carbon granules to a special plastic casing, the end cover is welded on both ends of the shell body by welding equipment, both ends of the casing are respectively the non-woven filter side filtering function, make sure that the filter element in use do not fall and black toner. This is the general UDF granular activated carbon filter(UDF滤芯)is true!

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