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Electric water purifier PK without electric water purifier


  • The water purifier is through a variety of filters (e.g., PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane) water purification layers, so as to achieve the purpose of removing impurities. In the process of using tap water through a one-time, PP cotton filter granular activated carbon filter (UDF滤芯), PP cotton filter and reverse osmosis filter and t33 filter, remove water, sediment, rust, colloid, bacteria and other substances. Current water purifier can be divided into two kinds, one is the ordinary water without electricity, and the other is intelligent electric water purifier. Next, let us look at these two kinds of water purifier, the advantages and disadvantages of each!
    Electric water purifier
    Advantages: high filtering accuracy, can remove harmful substances in the water, but also with the effect of sterilization.
    Disadvantages: power failure can not work, and in the use of waste water will be generated, filter life is short, filter replacement cycle is short, the late maintenance costs are relatively high.
    Advantages and disadvantages of electric water purifier
    This type of water purifier filter water does not need electricity, is through the water's own pressure to filter, the filter accuracy will not be very high, but the amount of filter will be relatively large.
    Advantages: no need to use electricity, will not produce waste water, the filter is relatively large, long service life, low maintenance cost.
    Disadvantages: home water pressure will be very slow, so the choice should pay attention to the home where water pressure.
    In short, whether it is a water purifier with electricity and electricity, as long as we can choose to meet our needs, each product has advantages and disadvantages, the most suitable for us is the best.

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