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How to clean the PP melt blown filter


  • How to clean the PP melt blown filter(PP熔喷滤芯)? The first use of water purifier should be flushed, the purpose is to protect the water purifier in the wash liquid. The method is as follows: tap tap, tap water ball valve, purified water tap, all open, rinse for 15 minutes, until the water is clear, no foam.
    Washing process, be sure to tap the tap water frequently (off 3 seconds, open for 10 seconds), so that the formation of pulsating water impact, so that the effect of flushing will be better. After the end, turn off the water faucet, and then open the purification faucet, water 5 minutes after the normal use.
    Often shun washing: in the course of daily use is for water purifier for washing, in taking water purification after open the tap water rinse, timely interception of pollutants washed away, and keep the water flux water purifier is high, thereby prolonging the service life.
    Backwash recovery of water production: if the water purifier through the water after washing is still relatively small, you can consider the backwash of the water purifier. The water purifier has a general backwashing button, can realize water reverse flushing, blockage to flush PP meltblown filter (PP熔喷滤芯)in.
    (1) when more than three days do not use the water purifier, once again used to deal with the water purifier for the first flush 2-5 minutes, until the water purifier in the water drain row.
    (2) in the case of tap water without water, please open the drain tap in the tap water pipe sediment, rust drained, and then open the tap water purification net.
    (3) when the water purifier fails, please immediately turn off the tap water inlet valve, cut off the water inlet of the water purifier. Only the PP melt blown filter (PP熔喷滤芯)cartridge to replace the product, and can not guarantee the inner wall of the shell, the water pipeline no two pollution.
    Different water purification products filter replacement cycle is not the same, the lower cost per month to replace a PP cotton, activated carbon for three months. In addition to the replacement of the filter, but also on time to the water pipe and other parts of the cleaning and disinfection, otherwise the pollution caused by the equipment is much greater than the water without treatment. Therefore, the purchase of qualified water purifier products are particularly important.

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