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Activated carbon filter which kind of activated carbon


  • As we all know, the main role of activated carbon filter water purification is to rely on the adsorption of activated carbon adsorption effect is good or bad, activated carbon selection will directly affect the quality of water treatment. Activated carbon filter manufacturers(活性炭滤芯厂家) said in the daily production, there are mainly three kinds of commonly used activated carbon, activated carbon column, black cylindrical particles, solid and hollow, is columnar carbon hollow with one or several rules of the hole, the activated carbon has good adsorption effect on volatile organic compounds in water; powdered activated carbon, activated carbon is above ninety percent carbon body are more than less than 0.175mm, also called carbon powder, has developed pore structure, large adsorption capacity; granular activated carbon, is not granular appearance is black, usually the size is greater than 0.175mm, with the pore structure developed, good adsorption ability.
    Three kinds of activated carbon have their own expertise, if the same water quality only consider the adsorption capacity, then generally speaking, the smaller the particle size of activated carbon, the greater the filtration area, the filter area is large, the adsorption effect is good. According to this idea, it is obvious that the powdered activated carbon filtration area is the largest, the best absorption effect. But in the actual application, to consider the advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of activated carbon, such as powdered activated carbon adsorption effect is good, but because the size is small, easily with water loss, poor controllability, so its application is very wide. Instead, the granular activated carbon is filled with activated carbon filter is the best, because the particle forming is not easy to flow, the water has the opportunity to pass through the filter layer is not easy to block, adsorption capacity is good, easy to carry.

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