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The function of various filter elements


  • Into the era of today, the development of faster and faster. In the face of the current water market, water purification products should be a superb collection of beautiful things. Although the product more, choose more, but how to choose a good water purifier has become a big headache. Here are the T33 filter (T33滤芯)manufacturers to teach you six strokes, give you a better choice.
    The function of various filter elements:
    1 polypropylene meltblown filter (PP meltblown filter): rust removal of sediment, algae, and other solid material.
    2 granular activated carbon filter (UFD filter): remove residual chlorine, odor and solid impurities.
    3 compressed activated carbon filter (CTO filter): further removal of residual chlorine, odor and solid impurities.
    4.RO reverse osmosis membrane: removal of viruses, bacteria, organic matter, heavy metals and other pollutants in water.
    5 small T33 filter(T33滤芯): can better improve the taste of water.

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