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Introduction of drinking water filter material


  • First stage: PPF filter(PPF滤芯)
    The utility model has the advantages that the pretreatment of the tap water is carried out, and the sediment, suspended matter, colloid, impurities, etc. in the water are filtered, and the filtering area and the pollution amount are large, the filtering effect is good, the service life is long, and the utility model can be cleaned and reused.
    Second: UDF filter(UDF滤芯
    The adsorption of the Sunda Sunda flavor, color, chlorine, halogenated hydrocarbons and organic compounds on the human body harmful substances. KDF can remove the residual chlorine more than 90%, which greatly prolongs the service life of activated carbon.
    Third: CTO filter(CTO滤芯
    Deep adsorption color, taste, Xun Xun halohydrocarbon and organic compounds and other harmful substances, effectively improve the water taste. Mesh structure of long-life compressed activated carbon and high dirt holding capacity, so that the filter with dual function.
    Level fourth: RO reverse osmosis membrane(RO反渗透膜)
    Reverse osmosis membrane pore size of 0.0001 microns, a bacterium to reduce four thousand times of infectious diseases must be shrunk by more than 200 times to get through, so the soluble solid impurities and bacteria \ \ \ \ \ \ all impure water micro virus cannot penetrate high precision of the reverse osmosis membrane. Reverse osmosis membrane water separation and other impurities and pollutants, harmful substances discharged by dense water, pure water into the bucket standby pressure.
    Level fifth: rear activated carbon filter(后置活性炭滤器)
    Further removal of residual chlorine and Xun taste, antibacterial, prevent the two pollution purifying water, sanitation and safety of drinking water.

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