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How to buy household water purifier


  • Activated carbon filter manufacturers(活性炭滤芯厂家) today to teach you how to buy household water purifier, the main reference to the following principles:
    Water quality status
    The water quality of each place is different, such as the high hardness of water in northern China, the south is relatively soft water quality, but because of industrial pollution and other factors, heavy metals, organic matter content is high. Drinking water generally choose reverse osmosis water purifier, such as tap water is really very good and very stable, can choose ultrafiltration machine; washing with tap water, high hardness, such as the north water made of tap water, should use soft water machine.
    Two, according to consumer demand
    Take a bath, even after washing the face, coated with moisturizing cream or dry urticant; washing head, hair brushing, mouthwash jerky difficult to comb; when the water to drink to the mouth, can not say there is a strange taste; washing clothes is always hard...... If you have such trouble, you buy a water softener. The water softener is a basic ion exchange resin, with calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions in water replacement (scale), completely removing the scale. Softened water for bathing and washing can make the skin smooth and delicate, protective effect on infants and children with skin softening; washed clothing and more white, fluffy, and life of clothes can be doubled; demineralized water cleaned the bathtub, tableware, tea sparkling, water spots.
    Four, economic budget
    The purchase of water purifier should consider both the cost of the water purifier itself, but also take into account the use of the filter time and replacement costs. Good family economic conditions, it is to buy a beautiful appearance, exquisite wood, high degree of automation of water purification products. There are sufficient economic conditions, pure water machine, central water purifier and soft water machine can be installed, string together. In particular, to remind those who are not inferior to the price of inferior products do not buy, it is better not to use, but also cause serious consequences such as water flooding.
    Five, after-sales service
    Many consumers to buy certain brands, this situation to find a telephone service or maintenance service company address, not to let the consumer very helpless, also caused the waste of resources, making the water purifier into decoration, choose a water purifier must choose a perfect customer service service products. Due to the current water purifier businesses are basically with the third party after the water purifier service providers, after-sales service is handed over to the third party. So we choose the water purifier after sale also depends on which service providers, service is good, good reputation?
    Six, installation status
    Installation of different places, the use of water purifiers are also different. In the kitchen, on the selection of membrane elements with kitchen type reverse osmosis machine, ultrafiltration machine, used for drinking; the toilet on the selection of central water purifier (KDF plus activated carbon) or central water softener, used to wash clothes, because of the need of water production is large enough; the living room on the selection of a single heat type heat or ice cabinet type direct drinking machine, which is convenient and enough style; if it is a new house in the decoration lined pipe, conditions permitting, central water purifier, toilet water softener and room wall type pipeline machine together with. Do a whole set of whole house water purification program.

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