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5 stage filter core in water purification system


  • A lot of people know that water purifier has filter core, but I'm sure they can't recognize them accurately. Today, we'll know each other. What's the filter core in our water purification system?.
    A melt blown polypropylene filter: spray melt filter is made of nontoxic, odorless polypropylene particles, tubular filter after heating and melting, spinning, drawing, forming and accept. If the raw material made of polypropylene based. It can be called (PP熔喷滤芯) PP meltblown filter. Not only in a large number of water purification, but also has excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for the filtration of strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvents. The utility model has the advantages of strong pollution receiving capacity, long service life and low cost.
    Two granular activated carbon: pre activated carbon particles are coarse, used to absorb impurities in water, heavy metals and other harmful substances.
    Three stage compressed activated carbon filter: remove the residual chlorine in water, remove the odor, remove organic compounds. It can effectively remove three halogenated methane. In addition, the spores, lead, microorganisms and other solid substances in water can also be effectively filtered.
    Four RO reverse osmosis membrane: Reverse Osmosis with enough pressure to the solvent (usually water) by reverse osmosis membrane (a semipermeable membrane) and separated, and the direction of penetration in the opposite direction, can be greater than the osmotic pressure of the reverse osmosis separation, purification and concentration of solution. Using reverse osmosis technology can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses, bacterial endotoxins and most organic compounds in water.
    Five stage rear activated carbon: rear activated carbon filter cartridge filter is the last process, the main role is to clean water quality, improve the water taste. Coconut shell activated carbon activated carbon in general use, the coconut shell activated carbon is mainly above the coconut shell as raw material, through a series of production and processing precision, we can see the naked eye appearance is black, granular activated carbon, which has strong adsorption capacity, long service life, wear resistance etc.. Pure water equipment has activated carbon filter system can purify water depth, through layers of raw water in water purifier filter, go to the rear activated carbon filter, can thoroughly clean water adsorption color, smell, taste pure water adjustment, regeneration and inhibit bacterial pure water, to ensure that the pure sweet and delicious.

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