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CTO filter device for a wide range of applications


  •   CTO filter(CTO滤芯) device liquid or gas in the solid particles, or make the different material components in full contact to speed up the reaction time, can protect the normal operation of the equipment or air clean, when the fluid into a filter with a certain size filter, the impurities Stop, and clean the flow through the filter out. Liquid filter to make the liquid to be contaminated liquid is clean to the production, life needs of the state, that is, the liquid to a certain degree of cleanliness.
      If the pressure is too small is certainly not the CTO filter(CTO滤芯) device surface of the accumulation of powder shocks in the CTO filter device strength to allow the capacity to allow the case, the greater the better the hit air pressure, the general coating equipment are set around 5KG Of the pressure, which is mainly taken into account the market capacity of conventional filter device capacity.
      CTO filter(CTO滤芯) equipment, the main filter material is filter paper, the current filter paper filter paper mainly used in domestic and imported paper, both domestic and imported paper is a good filter performance, and fake filter using low-quality filter paper, can not prevent the dust into the engine, thus affecting The engine is working properly. General genuine wirewound filter filter paper color uniform, the paper is relatively flat; and poor quality wirewound filter filter paper color is not uniform, paper hair, texture is poor.

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