Carbon Filter
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Carbon Filter

Product Description :

Carbon Block Filter Cartridge 


The filtration media of activated carbon filter cartridge is nut-shell carbon as the raw material. It extruded and shaped by special processing technique, and the edible bonding agent as the auxiliary. 

The benefit summary: strong adsorptive capacity, can effectively remove organics, residual chlorine and radioactive substance in the water, with the effect of decoloration and smell elimination. It is the ideal filter cartridge of liquid and air purification at present. 

Specifications and technical parameters

Filter medium: nut-shell carbon

Relative filtration pore size: 1,5,10 µm

Length: 10",20",30",40"

Diameter: 62.0 mm 

Max. operating temperature: 50°C

Max. positive pressure: 0.4 MPa(25°C)

Others: special requirement of diameter and end caps can be customized 

2.Granular carbon filter cartridge


GAC Activated Carbon Filter: Using granular activated carbon as material, the Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge is good at removing objectionable tastes,Chlorine,unpleasant odor,spore,lead and microorganisms. The activated carbon the filter cartridge used has been processed by acid-washing and wind-selection and the end caps are fixed with special PP layer instead of general non-woven cloth. So no carbon fines releasing from the filter cartridge, at the same time, it keeps a high flow. 

There are details as follows:

OD(Outer Dia.)=70;114mm

ID(Inner Dia.)=30mm


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