Melt-blown Filter Cartridge
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Melt-blown Filter Cartridge

Product Description:

The whole filter cartridge product (PP filter cartridge), manufactured by Tianjin Binhairuichuang Filter Material Tech Co. Ltd., is made of PP superfine fiber melt-blown with the method of thermal melt to entangle. The superfine fibers bond and entangle by themselves without any adhesives, form three-dimensional micropore structure freely. It particularly has gradient radial fiber and is the system of porous fiber and fabric. They can not only form deep filter, but also form superficial filter. It performs functions of pre-filtration, fine filtration and gravity deposition simultaneously. They are suited for many filtration applications well such as living and drinking water purification, industrial pure water and other fluid filtration. The properties are obviously better than other filter products. The product can be sold to American, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Middle East, etc.

Technical Characteristics of the Product

+ High Filtration Efficiency

The new melt-blown filter cartridge is different from the traditional fabric filter materials. Its fiber diameter is very thin, averages from 5 to 30μm, average size is less than 40μm, large porosity average porosity is more than 75%, which effectively controls the filter precision.

+ Long Service Life

The micropores of PP filter cartridge are distributed gradiently along the radius During the filtration, the larger pores can contain bigger particles with enough space to insure the filter cartridge not to be quickly clogged and provide the shape rigidity well. While the smaller pores can hold the smaller particles to insure the filter precision, thus avoiding the disadvantages of being quickly clogged to shorten the service life of the high precision filter cartridge, reducing the filter resistance, energy consumption, and increasing the service life of the filter cartridge.

+ Small Pressure Lose & Stable Filter Efficiency

 The internal close fiber layer and the exterior coarse layer of PP filter cartridge form the double layers structure, which effectively reduces the pressure loss, keeps the filter efficiency stable.

+ Security

The PP filter cartridge is made of high quality polypropylene, which is nontoxic and odorless. The raw material source is reliable and safety. There is no other chemical material formed during the production. It can be used directly in drinking water and beverage.

+ Adaptability

mildew resistance, acid, alkali, organic or inorganic solvent resistance ,and it is good oil absorbing material.

Major Specification of PP Filter Cartridge

Inside diameter:18, 20, 25, 28, 30,33,35,50,80mm etc.

Outside diameter: free

Length: free

Nominal precision: 0.5-150μm

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